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12 Week Fat Loss Program For Women: Fully Editable Template

12 Week Fat Loss Program For Women: Fully Editable Template

✅ 100% customisable & rebrandable
✅ Pre-done content to save hours of time
✅ Fast & easy to edit on Canva
✅ Instant download after purchase

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Imagine this: You're a busy fitness trainer, juggling sessions with clients in person and online, and trying to make killer workout plans. That was me, feeling like a squirrel running on a treadmill, always busy but never getting far.

Then, like finding a diamond in a pile of sweaty gym socks, I saw an ad. It promised a special template, not just for making protein shakes, but for helping my business succeed and giving me more free time.

Think about it: a template where I didn't have to spend forever tweaking every little thing. Instead, I could add my own touch, change the colours, slap on my logo, and boom! Instant professionalism.

Now, here we are today. I want to share the secret with you: "The 12-Week Shred Program" — a super package with all the info you need about eating right, having the right mindset, and rocking your workouts, all in one neat bundle.

Join me and lots of other coaches who've said goodbye to chaos, gotten more time, made more money, and found their freedom again, all thanks to this amazing template that makes things super easy for you.

What's included (the good stuff)

What did we include:
• 2 Front Covers
• 2 Welcome Pages
• 1 Disclaimer Page
• 1 Contents Page
• 57 Pages with Premium Content on Body Composition, Nutrition, Training, Supplementation & Recovery
• Training Programs with Illustrations + Exercise Video Tutorials

Chapters we covered:
• Welcome
• The Complete Overview
• Energy Balance And Fat Loss
• Calculating Your Calorie Needs
• Getting On Top Of Your Macronutrients
• Food Choices For Each Macro
• Designing Your Own Meal Plan
• Meal Frequency
• Breakfast Recipes
• Lunch/Dinner Recipes
• Snack Ideas
• What We're Going To Focus On
• Warming Up & Stretching
• Weekly Workout Split
• Phase: 1 Workouts
• Phase: 2 Workouts
• Phase: 3 Workouts
• Recommended Supplements
• Sleep And Recovery
• Thank You

Instructions to use

1. Purchase this product
2. Download PDF and follow the link to your posts
3. Edit Photos, Fonts, Colours, Text
4. Download and use on your social media or for print purposes where applicable

One of the key benefits is that our templates are 100% customizable within Canva. Canva is 100% free and you can open all of the templates on your computer or mobile phone and customize the templates until your heart is content. While you can also alter/add text and even implement your brand colors and logo. Sign up for a FREE Canva account here:

If you have any trouble accessing or customizing your template, please reach out to our support team. Our team here at The Fitness Stall is more than happy to help you!

License Terms

Here’s what you can and cannot do with the done-for-you ‘The Fitness Stall’ content:

Ebook Templates

✅ Can claim full authorship with no attribution
✅ Can add your branding, colors, logo and name
✅ Can be taken apart, added to, or sold as is
✅ Can be edited completely and renamed
✅ Can be sold (not on Etsy)
✅ Can be given away
✅ Can be packaged with other products
✅ Can be offered as a bonus
✅ Can be used as a lead magnet or content upgrade
✅ Can be used as web content
✅ Can be used in physical products
✅ Can be used in audio and video
✅ Can be used in workshops and webinars
✅ Can be added to your membership site
✅ Can keep 100% of the sales
✅ Can be used in native apps

❌ Cannot transfer the private label rights to others
❌ Cannot sell Resell Rights
❌ Cannot sell Master Resale Rights
❌ Cannot sell Private Label Rights
❌ Cannot sell or giveaway your license to the content
❌ Cannot be sold as an editable template format.
❌ Cannot claim false ownership/authorship of the Licensed Asset.
❌ Cannot create digital, editable templates for sale (e.g., Canva templates) from these assets.

For questions or inquiries, please contact

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See How Other Coaches Are Loving Their Template

These are real Fitness Stall customers who purchased our 12-Week Fat Loss Program and are loving how it's helping them get their time back!

62+ Pages Of Pre-Done Content

So you can save time and focus on what you do best... COACHING!

100% Editable For Your Business

Once you purchase the template, you'll be able to make edit straight away and make it... YOURS! Add your own content, change fonts, change colours, add/delete pages or... leave exactly as is!

What’s included?

✅ Welcome & Thank Pages
✅ The Complete Overview
✅ Energy Balance And Fat Loss
✅ Calculating Your Calorie Needs
✅ Getting On Top Of Your Macronutrients
✅ Food Choices For Each Macro
✅ Designing Your Own Meal Plan
✅ Meal Frequency
✅ Breaky, Lunch/Dinner & Snack Recipes
✅ Warming Up & Stretching
✅ Weekly Workout Split & Overview
✅ 12 Weeks Of Gym-Based Workouts
✅ Recommended Supplements
✅ Sleep And Recovery

Quality Nutrition & Recipe Bundle

Stand out from your competitors.

Recovery, Supplement & Overview Pages

Plus so many more time-saving pages!

12-Week Gym-Based Workouts

BONUS: Exercise illustrations & video demonstrations to over-deliver to your clients (Over $400 Value)

3 Big Ways Coaches Are Using This Template

Questions? We’ve Got You Covered

Can't I just get a designer to create something like this for me?

Of course you can, however, we don't recommend it especially if you want to save money. For a designer to create something as in-depth as the template here, you would have to spend anywhere upwards of $500.

How does it work after purchase?

1. Purchase this template.

2. Download PDF and follow the link to Canva.

3. Edit Photos, Fonts, Colours, Text

4. Download as a PDF and use it how you like!

How long do I have access to the product/template?

Once purchased you will have lifetime access to the template.

Will this work for me even if I don't have an existing client base?

If you currently do not have an audience or client base, then for that reason you need this template in your life even more! Once purchased, you can sell it as your product or giveaway as a lead-magnet to generate clients.

What if I want to change the content?

All of the content is 100% editable within Canva. Whilst there is plenty of content pre-filled, you are completely free to change this to match your own style or language.

What is the refund/cancellation policy?

Due to the downloadable nature of this product, we unfortunately cannot offer refunds on your purchase.

Note that while due to regulations, EU buyers have the right to return an item within 14 days of receiving the item, this does not however apply to digital products and content.

For this reason, our templates are not eligible for return with all sales being final. However, our customer experience is priority and we are available to help you resolve any issues you might be having with using our products. If you have any specific questions about our product, feel free email us at and we'll be happy to assist you.