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HIIT/Cardio Exercise Bundle with 34 Videos

HIIT/Cardio Exercise Bundle with 34 Videos

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Are you a Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor or Gym Owner?

You'll be provided with 34 pre-made videos demonstrating HIIT (High-Intensity-Interval-Training) and cardio fitness exercises that you can use to impress your clients. The videos cover bodyweight and gym equipment exercises and include background music.

Here are the specifications for the video files:
Format: mp4
Size: 1920 x 1080p HD
Frames per second: 50
Length: Up to 30 seconds, depending on the exercise.

Exercises included:
Alternating Knee Slams
Battle Rope Alternating Plank Slams
Battle Rope Alternating
Battle Rope Single Arm
Battle Rope Slams
Battle Rope
Body Weight Squat Jumps
Box Jumps
Burpee Easy
Burpee Hard
Burpee With Dumbbell Shoulder Press
Cross Trainer
Dumbbell Box Jumps
Dumbbell Squat and Press
Dumbbell Squat Jumps
Half Burpee
Incline Treadmill Walking
Inout Squat Jumps
Kettlebell Swings
Mountain Climbers
Rowing Machine
Side to Side Slam Ball
Slam Ball Russian Twist Easy
Slam Ball Russian Twist Hard
Slam Ball Squats
Sled Push
Stair Climber
Treadmill Jogging
Treadmill Sprinting
Treadmill Walking
Trx Mountain Climbers
Trx Squat Jumps
Wide Jump Squats

If you have any inquiries before placing your order, please feel free to contact me directly 🙂

License Terms

Here’s what you can and cannot do with the done-for-you ‘The Fitness Stall’ content:

Exercise Videos (Unbranded Packages)

✅ Can claim full authorship with no attribution
✅ Can add your branding, colors, logo and name
✅ Can be uploaded to media streaming server (eg. Youtube, Vimeo)
✅ Can be embedded into PDF’s or documents
✅ Can be used on social media platforms
✅ Can be used as web content
✅ Can be used in workshops and webinars
✅ Can be added to your membership site
✅ Can be used in native apps

❌ Cannot be sold as a direct product or package
❌ Cannot be given away direct product or package
❌ Cannot transfer the private label rights to others
❌ Cannot sell Resell Rights
❌ Cannot sell Master Resale Rights
❌ Cannot sell Private Label Rights
❌ Cannot sell or giveaway your license to the content
❌ Cannot claim false ownership/authorship of the Licensed Asset.

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