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The Ultimate Guide to Protein: Fully Editable Template

The Ultimate Guide to Protein: Fully Editable Template

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Are you a health and fitness coach searching for top-notch coaching resources and ready-to-use coaching templates? Your search ends here.

Unlock the secret to a healthy lifestyle by embracing a well-balanced diet rich in essential nutrients. Among these, protein takes centre stage – a crucial component that empowers your clients to achieve strength, vitality, and optimal tissue repair. However, navigating the vast sea of information can be daunting. Fret not, for we've crafted this exclusive nutrition eBook template, designed to demystify protein's role within the body and empower your clients with valuable insights.

We understand the importance of personalization, so we've included a Canva Template. This allows you to customize the guide and align it with your unique branding while adding a professional touch to your coaching services — Saving you time and energy!

💡What’s inside:
● 2 Front Covers
● 1 Disclaimer Page
● 2 Table of Contents
● 2 Welcome Pages
● 35 Pages of Pre-Written Content on why Protein is essential in our lives
● 2 Thank You Pages

💡Chapters we cover for you:
● Understanding Protein and Its Importance
● What Does Protein Do Inside The Body
● Protein Health Benefits
● Muscle Building With Protein
● Protein Myths and Misconceptions
● How Much Protein Do We Need
● The Best Protein Sources
● Protein Supplements 101
● Protein and Meal Planning
● 9 High Protein Recipes

💡 How to use/edit this product?
1. Quick and easy link to edit online in Canva
2. Edit online for free using an intuitive drag-and-drop interface
3. Customise fonts and colours are fully customisable to suit your branding
4. Duplicate, rearrange and delete pages for a custom layout
5. Use over and over again to create multiple design layouts
6. Download as a printable or digital PDF when you’re ready

License Terms

Here’s what you can and cannot do with the done-for-you ‘The Fitness Stall’ content:

Ebook Templates

✅ Can claim full authorship with no attribution
✅ Can add your branding, colors, logo and name
✅ Can be taken apart, added to, or sold as is
✅ Can be edited completely and renamed
✅ Can be sold (not on Etsy)
✅ Can be given away
✅ Can be packaged with other products
✅ Can be offered as a bonus
✅ Can be used as a lead magnet or content upgrade
✅ Can be used as web content
✅ Can be used in physical products
✅ Can be used in audio and video
✅ Can be used in workshops and webinars
✅ Can be added to your membership site
✅ Can keep 100% of the sales
✅ Can be used in native apps

❌ Cannot transfer the private label rights to others
❌ Cannot sell Resell Rights
❌ Cannot sell Master Resale Rights
❌ Cannot sell Private Label Rights
❌ Cannot sell or giveaway your license to the content
❌ Cannot be sold as an editable template format.
❌ Cannot claim false ownership/authorship of the Licensed Asset.
❌ Cannot create digital, editable templates for sale (e.g., Canva templates) from these assets.

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